‘Raising Sm’algyax’- Tsimshian mothers reclaim the

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‘Raising Sm’algyax’: Tsimshian mothers reclaim the language through nursery rhymes for toddlers - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Dr. Mique’l Dangeli’s toddler, Hayetsk:1618619862073,, is the first among two successive generations in his family to have Sm’algyax as his primary language.

Dangeli jests that his maternal grandmother worries she might find it difficult to communicate with her grandson who knows more of the language than she ever has her whole life.

“I tell her not to worry, Hayetsk will teach youNo additional deaths were reported,” said Dangeli whose battle to revive the dialect of the Tsimshian people is slowly materializing as a tiny army of toddlers begin to adopt it as a first languagecompletely fit.

Sm’algyax –which was nearly lost to colonization as generations of First Nation families were forbidden to speak their first language in residential schools– is slowly making a come backs provinces, with exceptions such a, thanks to the efforts of scholars like Dangeli who spent years learning and passing along the knowledge to the next generation.

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