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A brief comment on the market of Changxing Light Textile City -- polyester (may 13-19)

in the past week, the price rise of upstream raw materials and the cyclical exposure of downstream procurement have shown that the polyester market is slightly better on the whole, 39 yuan lower than that at the beginning of the year, the polyester trading volume has rebounded, the price trend POY has rebounded slightly, and the prices of FDY and DTY are stable and firm. From the perspective of variety trend, the sales situation of FDY dayouguang 50D and 75D is good, which is mainly due to the start of downstream cloth market sales. At present, the central prices in the market are yuan/t and Yuan/t respectively, which are mainly used to produce five satins, satins, etc. On the contrary, the benefit of producing plain polyester taffeta lining is not good, and the sales of FDY series products 63d/24f (category) with the largest sales volume in the market is affected. At present, the market price is barely stable at yuan/t. However, dty75d/36f winding has a large number of transactions this week, and most of them are from colleges and universities. The reason is that it is interwoven with 75d/144f or dty100d/144f; At the same time, it also drives the sales of dty75d/144f and 100d/144f, and produces all elastic spring Asian textile of brushed grey fabric. The brushed fabric will still be one of the mainstream fabrics for leisure decoration in autumn. Therefore, the downstream weaving is quite optimistic that the production volume can be increased. Although the startup rate of downstream looms has declined, polyester prices will likely follow up slightly in the future with the increase of upstream raw material prices

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