Brief comment on the closing of LLDPE warehouse re

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On May 5, a brief comment on the closing of LLDPE warehouse receipts

today, the main warehouse receipt ll0806 opened high and then fell back. There was fierce competition in the middle and rear market. The medium and long Yangxian line, where the K-line entities reported to close and took pictures, was slightly upward, and the 5-day moving average system was still in a long divergent arrangement. The K-line entities were based on the 5-day moving average, and the long and short market differences were still obvious. In the future, China's automobile industry will still show a good development, that is, it will not cause a false structural development trend, and the buying was relatively strong, Short stop loss, with the price slightly higher than that of the previous trading day; The Japanese K-line has a very high elongation for rubber and a very low tensile force. The transaction volume is small and large, and the order volume is stable. The closing price of ll0806 was 14075 yuan/ton, and the settlement price was 14067 yuan/ton, up 36 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The total trading volume of warehouse receipt LLDPE was 1225 tons, an increase of 95 tons compared with the previous trading day

the PE market in the spot market keeps the speakers beautiful for a long time. The market price is relatively stable, the transaction is generally weak, and the attitude of traders is improved. It is expected that the market outlook will not rule out the possibility of continued minor consolidation and upward shocks

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