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Application of Rockwell Automation Equipment in Anshan Iron and steel company


the control scheme provided by Rockwell Automation for Anshan Iron and Steel Company of China has improved the continuous casting production capacity and product quality, and recovered at least 250000 tons of waste material loss every year, equivalent to more than three million US dollars. Angang Steel has become an information-based enterprise

background information

pay attention to the maintenance of instruments at ordinary times

Anshan Iron and steel company, the largest steel plant in China, located in Liaoning Province, has introduced a series of upgrading measures in order to optimize the "overall equipment efficiency" (OEE) of the plant. As an integrated plant producing flat steel plates and long bars, the upgrading of Angang Steel this time includes the construction of a single channel steel plate continuous casting facility, a four channel billet continuous casting facility, a ingot refining furnace, and the vacuum exhaust system of three basic oxygen furnaces (BOFS) with a production capacity of 90 tons that cooperate with the existing data processing of Anshan No. 1 steel rolling plant

the design annual production capacity of the new plate steel casting facility is 1.0 million tons, while the design annual production capacity of the billet casting facility that pays attention to turning off the main motor source is 700000 tons

The Anshan Iron and steel company needs an automatic control scheme suitable for continuous casting facilities, so that it can obtain the required production flexibility, improve product quality and reduce production costs

After careful investigation and research, Anshan Iron and steel company finally chose Rockwell Automation as its automation partner to provide design, product supply, construction and start-up technical support for their factory automation, frequency converter system, human machine interface (HMI) and secondary process control computer system. Less than a year after the project was determined, the whole system was successfully delivered in September 1999. The good cooperation between Anshan Iron and steel company and Rockwell Automation Construction Service team ensures that the project will reach 4.5l/100km by 2020, which proves the smooth design and implementation of the project

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