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A big step in the packaging field: Ruifeng newly developed LED anti vulcanization technology

Abstract: after Ruifeng optoelectronics made a breakthrough in LED anti vulcanization technology, the industry has been d) concerned about the measurement results and production date of this batch of products, but failed to see the real face. Its potential far-reaching impact on downstream lighting applications, especially special applications in new fields, is expected. Recently, peixiaoming, CTO of Ruifeng, gave us an in-depth interpretation of this technology

every year, we expect major manufacturers to bring exclusive technologies and products, so that the LED industry can continue to expand and shine in lighting, display and even new fields. However, LED has begun to highlight fatigue, so that we will rekindle hope after finding a ripple in the few bright spots

after Ruifeng optoelectronics made a breakthrough in LED anti vulcanization technology, the industry has always paid attention to it, but failed to see its true face. Its potential far-reaching impact on downstream lighting applications, especially special applications in new fields, is expected. Recently, peixiaoming, CTO of Ruifeng, gave us an in-depth interpretation of this technology

what are our misunderstandings about the vulcanization of LED products

vulcanization phenomenon is just a popular saying. From the perspective of CSK ⑴ B, it can be "real" vulcanization phenomenon or "false" vulcanization

generally speaking, vulcanization refers to the chemical reaction between sulfur in the environment and the silver plating layer of the substrate to produce silver sulfide under certain temperature and humidity conditions (heat promotes the intensification of molecular motion), and the visual feeling is blackening. The other is bromination, in which the electroless coating reacts with halogen elements to produce silver bromide and so on

there are generally many reasons for this phenomenon. Vulcanization is directly related to the plating material of the substrate. General civil lighting products will use silver as the plating material because of light emission and cost problems, which is more active and prone to chemical reactions. In particular, LED products packaged with silicone have the characteristics of high moisture and oxygen permeability, and vulcanization is more common in the application process

the so-called "fake" vulcanization may actually be an oxidation phenomenon. During the storage or use of LED, the colloidal surface of its product is in direct contact with the outside world and reacts with the silver plating layer of the support under high temperature or other specific conditions. The moisture plus the action of electricity and heat generates silver oxide, which accumulates and blackens

What are the links of vulcanization of LED products

the production environment is poor, and human hands or other objects will carry sulfur, which will catalyze the chemical reaction of the two in the humid and hot environment

sulfur is brought into the material itself (such as the support), or the support is not airtight enough, and cracks are easy for external sulfur to enter, which will easily lead to chemical reactions

in the application link, the sulfur and bromine content of the materials in contact is high. When assembling the leaf spring, it is necessary to select and match the spring plate and the power supply. The components themselves contain high bromine, which will increase the opportunity for the two to actively produce chemical reactions together

what are the difficulties in solving the vulcanization phenomenon

led vulcanization can be caused by many factors, which also poses many challenges to solve this problem. It includes many aspects, including the control of LED raw materials; The moisture and oxygen permeability of packaging materials (packaging glue, etc.) should be low, and the air tightness of the support should be good; Strict control of the whole process; Selection of raw materials and protection of electroplating layer

what is Ruifeng's current innovative solution for LED vulcanization

Ruifeng's newly developed and applied scheme is to deposit an inorganic protective layer on the surface of the scaffold, which is very outstanding in chemical stability, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance

at present, the common solution at home and even abroad is to apply organic matter to the silver coating to isolate the silver surface from the atmosphere and prevent discoloration. The thickness of this organic matter is difficult to control. Too thick will affect the packaging performance, and too thin will not be enough protective. It is often difficult to achieve a good balance in the balance of ensuring electrical performance and anti discoloration; The most important thing is that it is easy to degrade in high temperature environment, and it will be damaged by machinery, so it cannot play a good protective role

we have invited a third-party laboratory to conduct relevant vulcanization tests for this technology. Under the same packaging conditions, using such anti vulcanization technology, the light attenuation is within 2% under the standard testing conditions, while the light attenuation rate of other packaging products is usually more than 30%, or even more than 50%

anti vulcanization technology can significantly reduce the light attenuation rate of automotive lamps

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how is Ruifeng involved in the new field of LED

based on the new anti vulcanization technology mentioned above, we can make great efforts in many new fields. Compared with the vulcanization of LED outdoor high-power lighting and automotive lighting products, we can also achieve differentiated development in new application fields and retain our own technical precipitation and support. In general, there is a certain layout at the level of traditional packaging and special packaging

at the traditional packaging level, we will consider the concept and practice of intelligent factory. Of course, it is mainly in the construction of information network at the manufacturing level to carry out the whole intelligent transformation, and turn the point-to-point split assembly line into an organic combination of intelligence

at the special packaging level, new anti vulcanization technology can be deeply applied to all new series of products. Apart from the backlight field, we have a certain scale and profit foundation, and there are other key directions in the next stage. To sum up, we will be the "champion of subdivisions", including infrared, ultraviolet and laser, visible light communication, DLP (digital optical processor) and other fields, and we will make a forward-looking layout. I think there is a lot of room for imagination around the field of general health, and the special environmental health lighting extended from this will be the focus of the next step

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