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The application of RiFeng inverter in the textile industry

RiFeng company above is the relevant knowledge about the oil trapping phenomenon of the tensile testing machine shared by the technicians of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. according to the special environment of the textile industry and the special functions required by the organization, the textile industry is designed, "he said

this product has spinning rolls Winder Bobbin machine At the same time, according to the two different loose pulleys of the air supply system of the frame in the textile factory, the thermal structure can be moved left and right on the frame, including the model that can disassemble and assemble the cooling fan from the outside and the two models that can be cooled by the air supply system of the spinning frame itself for users to choose

applied to high-temperature dyeing machine

* has soft start function, and there is no water hammer phenomenon

* there is no starting shock flow

* you can dye cloth with different materials

* you can dye cloth of various thicknesses

* save electricity by about 30% on average

used in disc knitting machine

* can be tested smoothly at low speed

* it has the function of overvoltage anti scanning needle

* disconnection can stop quickly. India will be the fastest growing country in the world

* the rotation speed can be adjusted according to the material needs

applied to resin setting machine

* the air volume can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the drying needs

* the air volume can be adjusted to naturally produce different materials Thickness of the product

* can greatly improve the quality of products

* one machine can be used for multiple purposes to improve the efficiency of the machine

* a few production modes can be adopted

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