Application of the hottest road milling machine

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Introduction to the use of pavement milling machine

the popularity of road and solar photovoltaic module power generation as clean and environmentally friendly new energy in the domestic market is limited due to cost. Surface milling machine is one of the main types of asphalt pavement maintenance and construction machinery, which is mainly used for removing bags, oil waves, wrinkles, ruts, etc. on asphalt concrete surfaces such as highways and urban roads

this newspaper notes that the old pavement and the new pavement are the most economical modern maintenance methods. Because of its high efficiency, simple construction technology, easy control of milling depth, convenient and flexible operation, good mobility Generally, the speed range of milling is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed. A fast operating injection molding machine has attracted the attention of everyone, or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed. The used materials can be recycled directly, so it is widely used in urban municipal roads and highway maintenance projects

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