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One year's application of Manroland automatic printing machine

the experience of the first AutoPrint automatic printing machine series put into production a year ago, this topic, which was the headline at the ifraexpo exhibition, has gradually achieved practical application and operation: This is the one button concept, that is, press a button on the printing machine to print newspapers

until the beginning of ifraexpo this year, Manroland's engineers have developed more automation solutions. The AutoPrint newspaper printing system has been put into use by Manroland's engineering service department, and many new and valuable practical experiences have been obtained. Osnabruck and freedom, based in kemnitz, benefit from low-density printing with MAN Roland's APL automatic version change system. The central Bavarian printing center in Regensburg, Mannheimer Morgan, and the times of India will also be adopted later. The demand for low-cost and cost-effective printing of newspapers and the requirement to postpone the deadline of newspapers are very realistic, especially for versions with a small number of prints that need to be replaced by many live parts. The latter involves the annual use of plastic film by advertisers of more than 1.4 million tons, so it has become a good purchase argument printing technology for publishing houses. These have gained a lot of experience through the first AutoPrint series printing machines installed in kemnitz and osnabluc, where local features are printed every day. APL automatic version change system has proved its value through its daily operation in these places. Users all said that due to the greatly reduced time of machine calibration, they can now start printing later in the evening. The Department also cherished this opportunity and greatly improved the timeliness of the newspaper. Printing houses can also more easily handle the operation of changing a large number of copies, especially those related to multiple local editions, so that they can produce newspapers with more appropriate content for readers. In addition to the advantages of production, the printing quality is also more convincing: modules such as inlinedensitycontrol online ink density control can always provide high-quality printing throughout the production process, reducing waste sheets, reducing the demand for personnel, and reducing customer complaints. As a supplier and service partner, MAN Roland is satisfied with this beginning: the utilization rate of the printing press has exceeded the expectations of customers and MAN Roland

how the AutoPrint printer operates

one click operation: the viewpoint of automatic newspaper printing production with the AutoPrint automatic printer system marks that when the whole printing workshop processing chain is taken into account, with the continuous decline of the cost of each newspaper, the printing production efficiency is also improving. This ensures stronger competitiveness in the media market. Manroland's mature technology is based on the needs of customers and the needs generated by the changing business model. It focuses on the principle of low cost and high efficiency, providing the best quality while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. In addition, print should be more attractive to readers and advertisers, which is achieved through innovative and breakthrough technologies. On the other hand, the automatic operation of AutoPrint automatic printing machine series is based on the automatic plate changing system of APL manipulator. The modular and automatic plate logistics system (APL logistics) transmits the plates from the CTP system to the printing tower. The newspaper printing machine is controlled by the ink density control, color registration and cutting registration control, paper tape tension control and temperature control system. All functions are integrated into a single workflow and controlled on a console

automatic version change operation

apl automatic version change system has proved itself in actual production. Now, the first batch of customers have decided to install APL printing plate logistics system, which is the core part of the one click operation concept. As far as APL printing plate logistics system is concerned, Manroland is the first printing machine manufacturer to think of and install an automatic printing plate logistics system integrated into the workflow. In its recent promotion stage, APL printing plate logistics system has realized full-automatic version change operation. APL logistics system transports the printing plate from CTP system to the plate changing manipulator

with APL plate logistics system, disk storage can be loaded by operators or robots in the sound insulation room, or directly onto the plate making machine. The operation of transferring the printing plate to the plate changing position is fully automatic through the track transmission system. APL printing plate logistics system also focuses on reducing machine calibration time, ergonomics and reducing the pressure of operators. The whole calibration process is integrated into the workflow concept of printnet printing system. With this automatic solution, the system can provide more useful functions related to future legislation through equipment transformation, such as laws related to the new labor intensity of printing workers

future business model

even the most advanced technology, whether AutoPrint printing system or the combination of thermosetting and cold curing, has not formed a business model. However, AutoPrint series technology represents an important part and is the basis and starting point of complex business models that can be adopted by publishing houses and printing companies alone. What will the publishing company focus on, based on timeliness, based on the utilization rate of the printing machine for the whole contract printing? What percentage of the newspaper's publishing products in the whole media category? Manroland's role is based on customers, but what are the manufacturers of tape stripping force testing machines? For example, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a powerful manufacturer of stripping force testing machine, providing customized technical solutions for the needs and corresponding processes. Users need to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The content of printing value in rintvalue is to add added value: printing technology support from printservices provides maintenance, training and parts supply services; Printcom putekang printing materials provide mutually coordinated system components consistent with the process except for the software and hardware of the 3D printer itself, and printnet printing system realizes printing connection; And consulting services provided by printadvice printing consulting

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