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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (06.29)

3. Structure of experimental machine fixture

on June 29, the polyester market was stable, the polyester trading atmosphere was relatively mild, and the trend of polyester market varieties was still relatively scattered, but a few days and a half ago, the sales of dull POY silk was good, and the price also rose

from the perspective of variety, these will have an impact on the price trend of the experimental box. At present, the sales of FDY lustrous silk in the market are stable, among which, the sales of fdy50d/24f products are better, while the sales of FDY lustrous silk 150D and above series products are also good. Among them, fdy50d/24f products are mainly used in the production of satin fabrics. Among DTY products, 100d/36f, 150d/48f and 75d/36f materials reach the highest level that can be put into the mouth or contact with the human body for a long time, and its 6. After the experiment, its specifications and varieties are generally sold. On the whole, the sales of coarse denier silk in DTY series products are slightly better than that of fine denier silk. The delivery of POY products is still good, and the sales of POY are flat. At present, the polyester inventory pressure of spinning factories is not great, but the downstream cloth market is in the off-season, and the polyester purchasing action slows down. Most people believe that the overall polyester Market in the future is more likely to be narrowed

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