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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (08.30)

weekend, from the perspective of environmental protection effect, the polyester market is basically in a weak market callback situation, and the trend of varieties in the market is relatively scattered. The production and marketing rate of polyester products from local manufacturers is poor. In terms of price, Shengze textile factory made a reduction on Saturday, and others were mainly reluctantly stable quotation, but there was a phenomenon of preferential shipment in the actual transaction. In Tongxiang, POY was reduced by 100 yuan/t on Sunday

from the perspective of variety trend, dty75d/used to measure the chemical properties of materials, that is, the chemical components 36F and 150d/48f can be shipped. The market center price of dty75d/36f () is 12600 yuan/ton (Taicang goods). At present, the market is connected with the consumption line, and the supply is tight. Today, the market price of dty75d/72f full dull silk is relatively stable, while the trading volume rebounded slightly. The sales of POY silk textured varieties are very poor, while the POY silk market transactions are weak. At present, the mainstream fdy50d/24f and 68d/24f in the market have good transactions. The current prices are 12700 yuan/t and 12000 yuan/t respectively, and there is a large demand in warp knitting; While 63d/24f downstream water jet weaving is cautious, and the trading volume in the market is relatively scarce. At present, the mainstream price in the market is yuan/t. At present, the polyester market shows a "lack of support at the top and demand at the bottom", and the overall polyester market will have a weak downward trend in the future

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