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2011 Keqiao autumn Textile Expo "e fabric" appeared

at present, Professor chenyongsheng's team is further studying and verifying this kind of mechanism, and the autumn Keqiao Textile Expo ended successfully last week. There are many new products in this exhibition, and textile enterprises are enthusiastic about participating in the exhibition. During this period, "e fabric", one of the largest textile fabric trading platforms in China, was invited to participate. E fabric is coming

e view brought by fabrics to the industry: most of the textile industry is fabrics, and the fabric industry needs e-commerce more. First, the industry chain is long, from grey fabric weaving, finishing to finished products, to clothing manufacturing enterprises. There are the largest production and operation units in the textile fabric industry. Second, there are many products. The fabric reinforcement bending testing machine meets the new standard gb/t1499.2. The industry accounts for more than half of the textile industry. Weaving methods can be roughly divided into knitting enterprises and shuttle weaving enterprises; If we distinguish according to products, it is difficult for us to give accurate product quantity and specification, whether it is style, pattern, or composition

as a fabric purchaser, whether it is a traditional foreign trade enterprise or a clothing designer, it will take a lot of time and energy to quickly find a counterpart supplier and required fabrics in the ocean of fabrics. An efficient information release and query platform for loading materials can more effectively save the time of both supply and demand, and the cost is also lower. However, the large and general B2B e-commerce platform is not so handy. In this Textile Expo, China fabric trade, namely e fabric, was invited to participate. E fabric brings the view that the fabric industry needs e-commerce more, and professional fabric B2B will be more convenient to save costs and improve efficiency for fabric practitioners and buyers in the textile industry. E fabric is committed to building the largest professional fabric trading market (B2B) in China

at present, China's fabric trading has nearly 10000 registered users, and is open to professional textile fabric enterprises, buyers and employees free of charge. It is understood that e fabric has recently acted as an agent for the 2012 Shanghai textile face Accessories Expo. From top to bottom, e fabric is making every effort to build a comprehensive service platform for the textile fabric industry

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