Dynamic widening and secondary mixing of the most

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Zhongda machinery: dynamic widening and secondary mixing of road building "Transformers"

Dynamic widening and secondary mixing of road building transformers

Dynamic widening and secondary mixing of road building transformers

this is a world-class road building equipment independently developed by China. How to solve world-class problems with the simplest method, please pay attention to "approaching science" road building transformers

secondary mixing principle anti segregation

spreader variable mixer paving width is scalable

telescopic hopper can be opened and closed, driving seat can be rotated

stable center of gravity has two rounds of paving thickness can be adjusted

Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is the longest sea crossing bridge in the world, known as one of the seven wonders of the new world. Now what is going on in the tunnel is to cover the undersea tunnel with a black quilt with a thickness of more than 10 cm, Asphalt asphalt pavement is paved in three layers

Lin Ming: This is better paved than I thought. I think this line is very uniform. Well done, really well done, really well done, so beautiful! Domestic equipment is really good

what kind of paving equipment is this? Lin Ming's evaluation aroused curiosity. Following the rumble, he found a paving equipment that completely spans the whole road surface that he had never seen before

: is this the big transformer

general manager Qi: Yes, the transformer structure is super large and anti segregation

: is this the largest one

president Qi: Yes, dt2000

:2000 what does it mean

general manager Qi: the paving width can reach 20 meters

: that is to say, it can reach 20 meters after it is unfolded

general manager Qi: pave 20 meters per machine, and there is no middle joint

: is it 20 meters now

general manager Qi: it is now 12.5 meters. After 12.5 meters in the tunnel go out, the intensity level of 15.05 meters is also constantly climbing. Then widen the section by 19.05 meters, and then reach 15.05 meters. This cloth device can be folded in multiple levels, and the cloth device can be folded according to the width of the road. It can be folded back and retracted, and it is multi-level. This telescopic ironing can be infinitely telescopic, and that is infinitely telescopic

the main reason why this paver is called transformer is that it can adjust the paving width of the road freely, but its magic is far more than that. It also has a core function, that is, it solves a world-class problem in highway construction technology, prevents the segregation of mixed materials, and all deformation is carried out around this core

China began to build expressways in the 1980s and began to promote them on a large scale in the 1990s. The early damage of expressways is called highway cancer, and repair has become a normal state. Why can't foreign advanced equipment be introduced to pave the road quality that foreign countries should have

Professor Yao: through our long-term observation, we found that this problem is the last construction process, that is, the gradation of other people's materials is damaged during the operation of the paver, that is, the original design idea cannot be implemented, and so on

grading refers to an optimal mix proportion between crushed stones of different specifications in the mixed materials. The phenomenon that a certain kind of molecules in the mixed materials gather due to the same physical properties, resulting in the separation of materials is called sample size segregation. No matter how good the grading proportion is, if segregation occurs during the paving process, it will directly affect the quality of the highway. Klaus Maffei will show a series of components for tractor side covers, How to prevent this kind of segregation

turning the distributor into an agitator is Yao Huaixin's idea of solving the most complex problems with the simplest method, but to realize this idea is the problem of pulling the whole body

in this way, the screw mixer with mixing function consumes a lot of power. The power consumed by the screw system of the paver with mixing function is more than two-thirds of the power of the whole machine, which brings a problem. The power drive system of the traditional paver is not powerful. You need to re match and design parameters, So that the spiral power drive system can output more than two-thirds of the power of the whole machine, not only in power matching, but also in structure

: Mr. Yao, this paver, its hydraulic rod can stretch back and forth. Where is its core

Professor Yao: the core key is the forced secondary mixing of the screw system. At this stage, do not focus on the principle of the microscope itself (that is, do not adjust the torsion above the stage), because this is the key to anti segregation, that is, this screw system, because in the traditional paver, the screw is a fabric function

: the core of the whole machine to resist segregation and secondary mixing is this machine, isn't it

Professor Yao: Yes, this is the screw system. The screw system is the secondary mixing of materials, which eliminates the previous segregation links. Yes, this principle, but this secondary mixing requires a lot of power drive, while the power drive system of the traditional paver is not enough, so it needs a powerful power output mechanism, which is the screw power drive system

: is there any explanation for this? Where is it strong

Professor Yao: its strength lies in its relatively large power configuration, which is more than twice the power of traditional paving. To transmit such a large power in such a small space, this structural form is also different from the traditional one

: that is, we should make it stronger and smaller

Professor Yao: Yes, the space is limited. It needs to transmit so much power, so little space, so high temperature, and the asphalt temperature is 1780 degrees Celsius. If you want to transmit so much power, there are indeed many problems in it, and some special measures need to be taken

: what special measures

Professor Yao: that is, its structural form is different from the traditional one. The traditional one is chain, at least it is gear, this set of transmission mode

: more complex and precise

Professor Yao: Yes.

in order to ensure the smooth and fast feeding, they also carried out the research and development of fast feeding, retractable and retractable devices, as well as the adjustable paving thickness, and finally formed a veritable road building transformer

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