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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (07.29)

on July 29, there was still an inertial upward trend in the polyester market, with an increase of yuan/ton to varying degrees. From the variety trend, the length, width and height of the equipment are 400mm respectively × 300mm × 400mm. Through operation, DTY winding 75d/36f warp knitting can still be sold on the market, and the downstream demand of DTY black wire 75D is booming, which is mainly used for jacquard black wire series lining; Due to the recent changes in the application structure of raw materials for weaving, the sales of conventional DTY silk varieties 75D and 100D are slightly reduced, and the price is stable. In the judgment that there are no mistakes due to misreading, the current market central price of 75D is about 12700 yuan/t; The sales volume of polyester semi Matt dty100d/36f yarn, which was popular in the early stage, has decreased sharply in the past two days, and the current price has also increased. The demand on fdy50d and 75D warp knitting machines is still dynamic pin. FDY has great difference in downstream demand intensity of 50D and 75D. From the perspective of the overall market situation, although the downstream market situation is weak to follow up and integrate the resources of the new material industry, and after the polyester price rises significantly, the downstream has resistance, and the purchasing psychology of following the rise is weakened, and the purchase of tickets at the end of the month is nearing the end, but the upstream raw material prices continue to rise, and the chemical fiber spinners generally choose the ratio of "X1". The inventory level of the factory is very low, and the supply of some varieties and specifications is tight, Therefore, under the influence of polyester cost pull and other factors, the polyester market price will also have a push up trend in the short term, but the resistance of polyester market push up is getting greater and greater

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