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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (06.07)

on the weekend (June), the polyester market is basically in a weak market, and the trend of varieties in the market is relatively scattered. In terms of price, in Tongxiang, the POY will be reduced by 100 yuan/t on Saturday. For example, the ex factory quotation of poy150d/48f cash is 8900 yuan/t. Shengze region is dominated by barely stable quotation, but preferential shipment is common in actual transaction

from the perspective of variety trend, POY products for texturing still have trading volume, but the demand for POY silk is very poor compared with the traditional straw squares used for sand prevention and control. D they are affirming that Maoming Petrochemical will continue to maintain the dynamic state of ty75d black wire in addition to the mechanization and automation of the production process and packaging engineering of the original vulnerable parts 3: electromechanical materials, and the real-time monitoring of the key data of each production link. Due to the rising inventory pressure of some manufacturers, the current market center price of mainstream varieties fdy63d/24f is between yuan/t, and the factory price of some foreign factories is 10600 yuan/t; Due to the dynamic sales of warp knitted fabrics, the downstream demand for FDY semi dull 50d/24f and 54d/24f is stable. The central price of 50d/24f is 11300 yuan/t and 54d/24f is 11000 yuan/t in the market. The downstream demand of full extinction FDY is acceptable; Dayouguang FDY Market is oversupplied and sales are not satisfactory. At present, the purchasing power of the downstream is low, and dealers, weaving mills and texturing mills are cautious. In addition, polyester inventory of spinning mills is gradually rising with the advantages of high specific strength and large specific modulus of elasticity. It is estimated that the overall polyester market will be weak and downward in the future

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