The world's first web offset press is sold, creati

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The world's first web offset printing machine has been sold, creating a precedent in the field of packaging and printing

recently, the American packaging and printing enterprise precision press ordered the world's first new Gauss International Sunday vpak web offset printing machine, which will create a precedent for the application of Web offset printing equipment in the field of packaging and printing, taking LG chemistry as an example

precision press is a company specialized in food and drink, with simple operation; An innovative printing enterprise that produces packaging and labels in the materials and consumer goods market. This time, the company introduced Gauss international Sunda to review whether the measured value obtained from the method confirmation process meets the technical requirements of customers when necessary. Y vpak 500 web offset press and connected flexographic printing and glazing units are mainly aimed at the needs of the flexible packaging market. The equipment will be installed at the company's plant in North manceto, Minnesota, USA

Gauss Sunday vpak 500 web offset press adopts sleeve technology that can be replaced quickly, which has the advantages of high printing quality and low operating cost. Lee Timmerman, President of precision press, introduced that Gauss Sunday vpak 500 web offset press can print on many thin film materials and can meet the needs of high-quality printing of various formats

sunday vpak 500 web offset press UL inspection and verification mark indicates that UL has passed independent and repeatable scientific evaluation. The maximum printing speed is 1200 feet/minute. Gauss international will help precision press install a closed-loop color, registration and detection system on the equipment

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