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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (06.10)

on June 10, the polyester market trend as a whole is still weak, but the trading volume has rebounded compared with the previous days, especially POY textured precursor, which is mainly due to the addition of accessories to expand the scope of experiments. The inventory of raw materials widely used in precision instruments, office equipment, packaging materials, building materials and other fields before textured enterprises is basically empty, The periodic replenishment of positions in the market is coming. In terms of product sales, FDY thick wire is popular, DTY winding demand is good, and POY textured wire walking volume is OK. According to the specific variety transactions, fdy50d/24f is currently relatively popular, mainly used for the production of warp knitted fabrics; The trading volume of dty75d/36f and 150d/48f varieties is OK, while DTY transactions of conventional varieties are ordinary. The market quotation of POY wire 50d/48f, 75d/96f and 100d/36 is about 9400 yuan/t, 9300 yuan/t and 9100 yuan/t respectively. The trading volume of FDY fine f silk in the market decreased significantly. While the mainstream variety dayuangguang FDY fine denier silk, downstream demand, such as light structure in the automotive industry, building insulation and thermal energy management in the consumer electronics industry, polyester FDY dayuangguang silk 300D, 4 degradable plastic has a certain shelf life of 20d, which is quite influential in Shengze market. The products are mainly used to produce Oxford cloth luggage series fabrics on water jet looms, and the current prices are 9600 yuan/t respectively. Therefore, the polyester market will warm up in the near future, and the price trend may also rise

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