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With the increasingly fierce competition in the future, lighting enterprises need to find breakthroughs in thinking

after more than 30 years of rapid development, today's domestic economy is entering the "new normal" of slowing growth. For lighting enterprises, the traditional marketing model that used to achieve performance growth by means of distribution, crowd tactics, in-depth distribution, promotion and so on has become bloated and incompetent. Why? First, the sharp rise in human costs. According to conservative estimates, each salesman's monthly marketing expenses are at least 10000 yuan, which is more than 100000 yuan a year. In other words, if you want to support a marketing team of 100 people, the annual salary, commission, travel expenses and other expenses of salespersons alone will reach more than 10million yuan; Second, the market has become more and more mature, and consumers have become more and more rational, no longer as blind and impulsive as before

these changes require lighting enterprises to constantly adapt to the situation and make adjustments, transformations and upgrades in business philosophy, marketing methods and business models

this transformation and upgrading should first be reflected in the breakthrough and transformation of thinking concepts. Lei Jun once said that in the future, Xiaomi's greatest competitiveness "does not rely on making money, but profits through follow-up services". What is the next step to optimize the regional layout of the industry and continue the service profit? That is, Xiaomi wallet, Xiaomi finance, Xiaomi life, smart home and other intelligent platform systems that are very viscous with customers. What enlightenment does this give us to lighting enterprises? In the past, our logic was that only by selling more goods and increasing the sales volume of products, can we earn more profits by adopting the fourth generation continuous polymerization dry spinning production process mentioned in the production process. Now can we start more from the follow-up value-added services

if you look closely, you will find that many enterprises are more calm and reasonable when they set their sales targets at the beginning of this year, and they no longer require a growth rate of 30% and 40% as in previous years. More and more enterprises realize that the development of enterprises should not only pursue scale and volume, and the evaluation of marketing system cannot be measured only by indicators such as distribution and sales. Why? Not to mention the risk of inventory distribution, and you want to shop, it may not be able to shop

therefore, if lighting enterprises want to continue to survive in the fierce competition in the future, they must actively innovate and change their marketing models and business models. Ma Yun once said that China's future enterprises should be small and specialized. With the development of science and technology, the unimpeded flow of information, the change of consumer behavior, and the acceleration of the pace of development of the industry, the previous standardized and mass order production method will become increasingly difficult to adapt. In the rapidly changing business world, what is more tested is that the supply chain of enterprises will not be unable to use the system and adaptability of electronic universal testing machine due to these problems

today (1) regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. In this year, we also launched a full platform, where dealers can select products, place orders, query delivery, etc. In this way, we can not only greatly improve the work efficiency, but also save a lot of manpower. We can spend more money and energy on product research and development, profitable services and other links. At the same time, we are strengthening cooperation with third-party logistics to help dealers change their roles from logistics providers to service providers, and better develop, maintain and serve the local market

these are all bold attempts we have made in response to the times. Nowadays, the real economy has a hard time, but as the I Ching said: poverty means change, change means accommodation, and the general rule is long - opportunities are always left to those who dare to break through themselves

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