The hottest Fuxin XuKe glass was exported to Afric

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Fuxin XuKe glass was exported to Africa for the first time. A few days ago, after being inspected by Liaoning Fuxin inspection and Quarantine Bureau and carrying out pre shipment supervision, Fuxin XuKe photovoltaic glass Co., Ltd. first declared two batches of 53920 square meters, 21 containers, and $122094 worth of float glass for export to Ethiopia, which have been shipped from Fuxin by land and exported through Dayaowan Port. This is the first time Fuxin glass has been exported to Africa

Fuxin bureau first is to plan in advance, make preparations in advance, and collect the reasons in time: grasp the relevant document specifications and inspection standards, and actively learn from the supervision experience and practices of other inspection and quarantine bureaus. Second, on-site sampling, testing, loading supervision and price verification Net weight (kg): 550 working link, strict, but this has little impact on the price (except for gantry type). According to the requirements of the inspection and supervision specifications before export shipment, each shipping container shall be photographed with empty container, half container, full container, container number, container door half closed, full closed, shipping container seal number, inspection and quarantine seal number, etc; Provide on-site guidance on the binding and fixing of glass shipping containers, packaging marks, etc., to ensure the integrity of glass shipping and the quality of inspection and supervision. The staff of Fuxin Bureau went to the export shipment site for on-site inspection and supervision for three consecutive days, and issued relevant inspection certificates for the enterprise in time. Zhonghua glass () (1) relative uncertainty U1 introduced by lever levelness; Department

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