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Fuyang color printing uses Mitsubishi printing machine to enter the 3D printing market

Dongguan Fuyang Color Printing Co., Ltd., located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, was founded by Huang Lianfeng, chairman of Taiwan Fudi Printing Co., Ltd. in 1978. Mr. Huang Lianfeng, who likes calligraphy and oil painting and has deep attainments in culture and art, also has his own unique insight and foresight in enterprise management: Fuyang color printing has been equipped with a green printing production plant before others have paid attention to environmental issues; When many printing enterprises were typical of dirty and messy, Fuyang color printing had built a 35000 square meter clean factory, and the problems of green and noise in the factory had also been properly solved. Not only that, Fuyang color printing has also successively obtained ISO9001 (quality management system), ISO14001 (environmental management system) and FSC COC (Forest Stewardship Council, chain of custodial production and marketing chain of custody) and other international standard certifications. As a society (CSR) for excellent enterprises, Fuyang color printing has won high trust from customers all over the world

at present, Xu Xianbao, the general manager who is deeply trusted by the founder, Mr. Huang Lianfeng, is in charge of the operation of Fuyang color printing factory. In order to further expand the market, Fuyang color printing has made use of Mitsubishi printing machine to enter the 3D (three-dimensional) printing market and achieved good economic benefits

general manager xuxianbao introduced: in our business philosophy, we always run through the idea of being proud of serving Fuyang company and taking it as our responsibility to exceed customer expectations. The whole factory also pays great attention to the source of paper raw materials, that is, the protection of forest resources. The difficulty of 3D printing technology is much smaller and higher than the energy consumption of ordinary low-energy buildings. After four years of repeated experiments, we invested a lot of money and personnel to carry out research, and finally achieved success. 3D technology has a wide range of applications. With the original traditional printing materials, our business field has been greatly expanded and we can accept orders that exceed our expectations. The most important role in 3D printing is Mitsubishi's most advanced Di with UV drying device. With the process of science and technology and modernization, amond v3000lc-6 color sheet fed printing machine is accelerated. It can be said that the point reproducibility and high accuracy of this printer support the quality of 3D printing. We are very satisfied

our 3D printing technology has been reported by China Central Television, Taiwan Zhongtian satellite TV and other media, and the printing quality has been highly praised. In 2010, we were honored to obtain the exclusive license to produce postal postcards for the Shanghai WorldExpo. Years of hard work finally paid off, and we were immersed in joy. Xu Xianbao said

social attention has also brought good economic benefits to Fuyang color printing. Perhaps because of its influence, we have also obtained orders from internationally renowned customers such as HP, American parts, Samsung, Canon, Logitech, Foxconn, Youxun, Huawei, etc

according to general manager xuxianbao, since 2008, the sales of Fuyang color printing products have expanded to Europe, America and the Middle East. It has become difficult to deal with only relying on the current factory. In view of the fact that we have obtained D-1 landfill waste plastic g, big lots, target, bestbuy, Walmart and other customers with international market share, we are planning to build a new automatic chemical plant in Hunan Province

"since the modification in 2007, Xu Xianbao stressed that we are full of firm confidence in a better future. In the future, we will continue to maintain trust and cooperation with Mitsubishi and actively carry out investment on this basis

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