The hottest futures in North China rose and fell,

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Northern Futures: the Japanese rubber rose and fell, and the Shanghai Rubber deep callback

crude oil continued to rise. The TOCOM rubber rose and challenged the 320 yen line after it opened. After a short stay, it fell back, with a small increase in positions and a decrease in transactions. Affected by the profit taking of some multi inspection and testing heads after the high opening of Shanghai Jiao, the price will continue to increase in the future and fluctuate lower. The ru0809 contract closed at 23700 yuan/ton. From the perspective of positions, there was a significant decrease of 23610 hands to 77978 hands today, and the transaction was mildly enlarged

at present, orthopedic surgical robots have reached the international advanced level and have been used in batches in hospitals. Thailand and Singapore are closed for public holidays. Domestic Nongken SCR5 standard glue has a pending order of 578 tons, with an average price of 24715 yuan/ton, a transaction of 190 tons, and an average price of 24700 yuan/ton

after the rapid rise in the early stage, Shanghai Jiaotong fell sharply today, and may turn into shock in the short term, waiting for new guidance. It is reported that Hainan Xinjiao suffered from powdery mildew at the beginning of 2015, with a small number of rubber cutting and tight supply. The high price of raw materials in international production areas and the scarcity of transactions have also brought support to Japanese rubber. Funds also hold a large number of shares, and the future market is still expected to challenge the peak of the year

the futures prices of both domestic and foreign rubber markets are close to the highs in recent years. There is some resistance in the short term, but the upward trend still exists. In terms of operation, many low-level orders can continue to be held

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