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Fuyang paper enterprise is suspected of dumping garbage

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core tip: along the winding mountain road, I found this abandoned mine about 15 kilometers away from the main urban area of Zhuji, located near the nanquanling tunnel. In a conical open area, a 20 meter wide and 5 meter high garbage mountain stands in front of us. Various packaging boxes, plastic bags, broken raincloths and silt are mixed together, emitting bursts of odor

the mine site has been covered with garbage, photographed by Shi Liwei

[China Packaging News] along the winding mountain road, we found this abandoned mine, which is about 15 kilometers away from the main urban area of Zhuji and located near the nanquanling tunnel

in a conical open area, a 20 meter wide and 5 meter high garbage mountain stands in front of us. Various packaging boxes, plastic bags, broken raincloths and silt are mixed together, emitting bursts of odor

the sewage is dark black. Photograph by Shi Liwei

after the rain washed, a ponding pit of about 100 square meters was formed behind the garbage mountain. The water is as black as ink, and there are toothbrushes, hats, rugby and other wastes floating on the water. I picked up several pieces at random and found that all these garbage were written in foreign languages without exception. Judging from the words on the packaging bags of these snacks, beverages and other products, the origin is far away in the United States, Europe and other places

there are foreign languages on the packaging bag. Photographed by Shi Liwei

Zhuji Environmental Supervision Brigade is handling the case on the spot. Captain Zhou Xinjian said that in the late night of April 17, Zhuji's environmental protection department immediately took action after receiving reports from the masses. Together with the public security and territorial streets, three suspects were arrested, and four 40 ton garbage trucks and an excavator were seized

according to the test results of on-site water samples, the garbage seepage contains toxic and harmful substances such as mercury and arsenic. The model: WDL ⑴ 000. The index of pollutant COD has reached 4000 mg/L, which is 100 times higher than the class V water standard of surface water and 40 times higher than the pollutant discharge standard

where on earth does this garbage come from? According to Wang, one of the suspects, all the garbage came from a paper industry park in Dayuan Town, Shangyang, which is 5% lighter than conventional aluminum alloy. As early as April 7, Wang participated in the illegal act of dumping garbage. Wang connects with "Shangjia" through a contact group, and "Shangjia" will send the location in the group at night. The location is different each time, but it is all in the paper industry park in Dayuan Town, Fuyang. Mr. Wang said that he could not see the brand of the specific enterprise, and he was not clear about the regeneration of carbon reinforced plastics in particular

According to the preliminary investigation of relevant departments, at least 8 paper-making enterprises in the industrial park are suspected of being involved in the case

after driving a truck full of garbage, Mr. Wang dumped the garbage in the mine near nanquanling through the mountain road about 30 kilometers from the junction of Zhuji and Fuyang at night. It is understood that the greening project of this mine was contracted by two bosses. The mine pit was originally to be filled with sludge, but now it has become a landfill. At present, the two project owners have been controlled by the police. Lu, the supervisor of the project, was found. He explained: "the theft occurred at night. Every time the garbage was dumped, it was covered with a layer of soil, so it had not been found."

according to the staff of the environmental protection department, some paper-making enterprises in Fuyang will buy waste paper and other "raw materials" from abroad and use them to produce paper. However, these "raw materials" from abroad are often mixed with unnecessary wastes such as plastic belts and packaging boxes. There are 14 designated treatment points for these wastes in Fuyang, but the treatment cost is high

at the scene, a person in charge of the enterprise specially responsible for the disposal of this kind of garbage came from Fuyang. He said that now the normal disposal cost of these garbage "is 300 to 400 yuan a ton, and some garbage may not be accepted". According to the suspect Wang, the cost of dumping garbage in a car was only 2300 yuan, which was around 60 yuan per ton based on 37 tons per car

"Fuyang paper enterprises have illegally dumped garbage across regions not once or twice." A worker of Zhuji environmental protection department b) the ratio of the windward cross-sectional area of the tested product to the total area of the laboratory chamber on the cross-section is not more than (35 ~ 50)% (35% is recommended). The staff said that since last year, Fuyang paper enterprises have been found stealing garbage from Zhuji Zhibu Town, Lipu town and Hongmen village of Taozhu street, with a total amount of more than 2000 tons. This time, the amount of theft in abandoned mines is even greater

contacted the relevant person in charge of Fuyang District Environmental Protection Bureau, who said that he would trace the enterprises involved through the clues provided by Zhuji environmental protection, police and other relevant departments. At present, Zhuji environmental protection bureau is carrying out ecological environment damage assessment. From the results of the first stage, the people involved in the case have been suspected of environmental pollution, and the case will be transferred to the public security organ for further investigation. This newspaper will also continue to pay attention to this case

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