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The future world cup champion coach is likely to be AI

original title: the future world cup champion coach is likely to be AI. Who will play the most critical role in the future football? Team member or coach

original title: the future world cup champion coach is likely to be AI

who will play the most critical role in the future football? Team member or coach? Maybe it's AI

artificial intelligence is one of the powerful tools to provide coaches and managers with a deeper understanding of the game

in the 2013/2014 season before this world cup, research institutions have used artificial intelligence to conduct a detailed analysis of the passing strategies of 20 teams in the Spanish Football League. It gives people a unique insight into the strategies and tactics of the La Liga team

by analyzing the video clips of the game, AI has obtained a wealth of information about the players on the court, including the position of the players on the court, the distance between them and the time spent on each pass

through machine learning, we can study more than 300000 single player passes in the whole season and determine hundreds of tactical modes used by the team. At the same time, the data also shows whether these patterns occur in multiple games

the algorithm shows that Barcelona and Real Madrid have more than 100 repeated tactical patterns about passing in the 2013/2014 season, 151 and 180 times respectively, both in their own half; Atletico Madrid, which won the league title that year, has only 31 times


the secret of success

Stephen smansky, a professor of sports management at the University of Michigan, said that the unpredictability of tactics is stronger, which may be the reason why Atletico Madrid achieved success in that season

"if I were a club, I could even say that we don't want more passing tactics, and the fewer repetitions, the better." He said. "In addition, the reason why many stars make opponents afraid is that you never know where he will go next."

it also said that AI can help coaches better understand the strategies of opposing teams, understand the tactics of teams with multiple side chains and carbon chain lengths in a single ball, and how they may change in the season; It can even help coaches better decide how their players should mark their opponents and which of their own tactics is most likely to be rewarded

more importantly, coaches can also check whether their players are following the game plan. Galmati pointed out that another advantage of AI is that coaches don't have to spend a long time studying game videos - machine learning can pick out critical moments and tactics for them

the best teams have been studying how data analysis can help them play better. For example, Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim have cooperated with German software giant sap to obtain a detailed performance evaluation of the team after each game

The SAP system also uses machine learning to sort out the matching data, but it also includes the evaluation manually annotated by analysts. These artificial evaluations are mainly to point out how the team performs at a specific time of the game. By training artificial intelligence, the data can be understood in the way of human coaches, up to 0.001 ⑴ 000mm/min

SAP spokesman jaswitkov said, "if you attack hard, we can find the consequences of this kind of play." "Or, if you play more like Bayern Munich and master a lot of ball control time, will your injury probability be less?"

he said that their goal was to provide such analysis to its team clients in half-time


application in other sports

no, Engel's managers said that the processing technology of thermoplastic optical fiber composites is expanding rapidly, only in the field of football, and artificial intelligence is penetrating into various team sports

in Finland, a start-up company called sportiq has developed a wearable device for ice hockey players - and a ice hockey connected to a wearable device, which can transmit location data to a radio receiver set up in the stadium

CEO hallyhott said that the system can deepen tactical insight during the game

"we have huge amounts of data and will analyze them in real time." He said. "We can always know which player is holding the ball."

if so, pattern recognition can be applied to data to identify when aggressive or defensive competition strategies occur and their probability of success. Holt hopes to get the approval of the Finnish professional hockey league to use the technology of sportiq in the upcoming season

in the United States, another "two major challenges are mechanical properties and craftsmanship. The company called second spectrum created a basketball pattern recognition system. It can not only understand the position of players, but also understand various types of offensive strategies, such as pick and roll, and the possibility of players completing shooting.

" in recent seasons, almost every NBA championship competitor has used our software. " Rajiv mashvaran, CEO of second spectrum, said

American football is also adopting this strategy. Alan Finn, a computer scientist at Oregon State University, was involved in a project to develop artificial intelligence to analyze competitions. He said that AI still needs to better select the strategic model needed by coaches, but he believes that their research work has a broad future

"I think this will completely change sports." He said. "Every 20 years, most sports will undergo revolutionary changes." He added that AI has this potential

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