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Fuyang paper seeks a new way out. Xinshengda group will invest and build a 2.1 million ton paper industry park in Malaysia. Release date: Source: Chinese paper industry views: 3654 copyright and disclaimer

core tips: [speed up the transformation of mode and adjust the structure of China's Packaging News] Fuyang, with a history of nearly 30 years of papermaking development, was once an important papermaking base in China and has a reputation as the hometown of whiteboard. Now, after years of environmental protection, Fuyang

[China Packaging News] Fuyang, which has a history of papermaking development for nearly 30 years, was once an important papermaking base in China and has a reputation as the hometown of whiteboard. Now, after years of environmental protection, the paper industry in Fuyang is not as good as it used to be. Under the policy trend of closing down, stopping and transforming, and retreating from two to three, Fuyang hopes that your car body will be strong and bear the weight. Most paper mills in Fuyang are living a life of "today, no tomorrow". Where is the way out for Fuyang paper enterprises? As a leading enterprise of local integration, Xinsheng group has given the answer

Since 2017, facing the opportunities and challenges of global economic integration and the trend of transformation and upgrading of the domestic paper industry, Xinsheng group has actively gone abroad to seek new strategic deployment and development space. In the context of the national policy of actively advocating the "the Belt and Road", Xinsheng turned its attention to Southeast Asia, and after more than a year of full investigation, research and comparison, decided to land the green paper Park project in Kedah, Malaysia

on October 17, 2018, Zhejiang Xinsheng group and Malaysia Sime Darby group reached an agreement on land purchase and sale in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and signed a purchase agreement. The plot is located in Padang District, Gulin County, Kedah state, Malaysia, 30 kilometers away from Penang Port, covering a total area of more than 1800 mu (300 acres). At present, the preliminary assessment of the land and the surrounding geography, hydrology, climate and other environment has been completed

it is reported that the project plans to build a new high-end packaging paper industrial park with an annual output of 2.1 million tons, with a total investment of about US $700million. Phase I plans to build three coating whiteboard production lines that we are willing to share our expertise in the field of non-metallic materials, with a total annual output of 700000 tons. The first phase of the project is expected to be officially put into production in June 2020. At that time, when the paper industry structure is adjusted under the guidance of the government's industrial policy, the company's products will become a good supply supplement for the same grade Coated Whiteboard in China; In addition to meeting the supply for the local market in Malaysia, it will also provide high-quality sources of goods to neighboring countries and regions such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Turkey and Pakistan. The Coated Whiteboard market in Southeast Asia will form a new pattern

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