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Southwest Futures: the market sees a strong atmosphere, and PTA continues to dip

yesterday, NYMEX crude oil futures closed slightly higher by $0.11 to $106.34/barrel, due to concerns that the hurricane will hit the Gulf of Mexico again and the dollar will jump. Under the condition of ensuring the practicality of Pt today, a continued its previous decline and continued to fall. The main contract on August 0811 was volatile and weak, opening at 7622 yuan, with a maximum of 7 reaching 12% 644 yuan, the lowest 7502 yuan, closed at 7526 yuan in the afternoon, 218 yuan lower than yesterday. PTA spot prices also fell unchanged. Today, China National fiber offered 7700 yuan, down 50 yuan from yesterday. In terms of upstream Px, it is still falling, slightly slower than yesterday, with Asian PX and European PX both falling by $22.5. In the downstream market, the overall market is still weak, and the market is dominated by low-priced brand sales. Due to the lack of downstream liquidity, most dealers are mainly on credit, and there is a large space for cash purchase to make profits. The overall atmosphere of the trip is large, mainly bearish. Technically, PTA will continue to explore. Suggestion: wait and see for a while; As in the early stage, MBS, ASA, CPE, EVA, Poe acrel ACM and other materials are often used to toughen and impact modify these plastics, which can continue to be held

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