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Futures observation: futures turned green across the board and finished at a low level

the international crude oil price in Asia today was boosted by the stock market in the Asia Pacific region and rose slightly during the session. Domestic commodity futures fell across the board

the authoritative economic institutions in the United States have significantly reduced the economic growth rate of the United States in 2011. The debt crisis in the euro zone still worries the market, and the US dollar exchange rate continues to be strong, which has suppressed the commodity market

metal futures fell across the board, with Shanghai copper falling more than 2%; In terms of agricultural products, dou-1205 contract fell 1.73%; Corn 1205 contract fell 0.04%. It may replace gold's recent broad-based volatility. As the euro was hit hard, the dollar rose, which also put pressure on gold futures. We are actively promoting the trial production of products

energy and chemical products, and the whole army also fell today. Liansu main force 1201 opened flat and went low today. In the morning, the opening price was on the 10900 line, and the opening price fell rapidly. Intraday low finishing trend. After opening in the afternoon, prices gradually picked up, recovering some of the land lost in early trading. But it has never been able to get rid of the decline. Finally, it closed down 40 to 10845, with an increase or decrease of -0.37%. The trading volume decreased by 49748 to 95036 hands, and the position increased by 1864 to 281920 hands. The trading volume has shrunk significantly. It is suggested that we should resolutely exit at this time, shrink the same volume to a certain extent, and then buy when we start to attack in large quantities. Due to the gradual balance of the price fluctuation range, short-term funds are unprofitable, but the increase in positions means long and short, so they have played a major role for a long time, and the differences of views between the two sides have increased. Investors are advised to operate with caution. The K-line is a short Yang line, which forms a shadow line because the multi-party force is greater than the air force. The moving average is long and the direction is unclear

some petrochemical enterprises continue to shut down their units for maintenance, and the futures price is still supported to a certain extent, but the downstream demand remains weak, and LLDPE futures will continue to fluctuate at a low level

pvc main force 1201 fell slightly today. After the opening of the morning session, it fell in shock, and kept a narrow low order until the morning closing. After opening in the afternoon, the price gradually rebounded, recovering some of the land lost in early trading. But it has never been able to get rid of the decline. The final decline was 5 to 7835, with an increase or decrease of -0.06%. The trading volume decreased by 1074 to 2252 hands, and the position increased by 952 to 48984. Recently, the PVC trading volume has gradually decreased and the position has gradually increased. The forces of both long and short sides and the external factors of the market make the market reach a balance in dynamics. It is expected that there will be no great changes in the near future. PVC market shock finishing. The K-line is a short positive line, and the resistance and support strength are relatively high. It is strictly forbidden to process reinforcement whose diameter, number and mechanical speed exceed the mechanical rules to form an upper and lower shadow line

the market price of calcium carbide remains strong, and the futures price is still supported by strong costs, but the downstream demand is still not improved, and PVC futures will continue to maintain a narrow consolidation trend

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