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Analysis of incremental distribution operation conditions

today, we will briefly talk about the challenges faced by distribution companies with their own distribution areas and power generation facilities in the process of incremental distribution reform, the logic of owners selling incremental distribution, and the advantages of power companies in the process of acquiring incremental distribution

topic 1: challenges faced by power distribution companies under the new situation

it should be appropriate to use the metaphor of "honey of this, arsenic of that" to describe incremental power distribution in this situation. Just as the honey badger likes hunting poisonous snakes, companies that dare to challenge incremental power distribution and are able to make profits in it must be able to solve the following problems:

organize, allocate and build power transmission channels. In the future, on the way of accelerating the construction of internal distributed energy in distribution, the power transmission lines between production capacity points, energy consumption points and power access points must be kept sufficiently unblocked. At this time, in order to cope with the changing power transmission situation, the internal construction of incremental distribution must rely on the design and construction of units with class B transmission and distribution design and construction or above qualifications. If it does not have this ability, the upgrading and transformation of the power transmission and distribution system will inevitably be outsourced, and the final construction capital and time cost will not be obvious enough compared with the power company

build a high-level operation and maintenance system. In the process of putting incremental distribution into operation, with the aging of lines and changes in demand, as well as the impact of the natural environment, bottlenecks and risk points will inevitably appear in the network, and ultimately affect the electrical stability. If we do not have our own information operation and maintenance capabilities, the time cost and construction cost of information feedback will rise sharply in the process of monitoring and early warning, which is difficult to offset the decline in human resources costs caused by centralized management. If you always have a high-level operation and maintenance team to rush to repair the fault point only when the information system support is not in place, it will require high labor costs and cannot bring better power supply stability than the operation area of power enterprises

build its own comprehensive energy management platform. In the process of putting incremental distribution into operation, a large number of industrial and commercial users will sign power trading agreements, and a considerable number of such users will have distributed energy facilities that generate surplus electricity. If the electricity generated by distributed energy facilities can be sent to the nearby power users, it will undoubtedly play a positive role in improving the comprehensive income of all parties and cutting peak and filling valley. And the final electricity purchased through the trading center can also get smaller deviation and reduce the assessment cost on this basis. On the contrary, if the management is improper, the remaining electricity can only be at the parity of the current policy, while the enterprises that lack electricity can only finally input electricity from electricity, and the benefits of both sides have not been greatly improved. Compared with direct access to electricity, the cost savings are limited, and the incremental distribution operators cannot quickly recover from it. The incremental distribution accounts for the small and medium-sized sintering, pelletizing, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, and casting technologies that do not meet the energy consumption and environmental protection standards; Preparation technology of common hot-rolled silicon steel, ground bar steel and ordinary carbon steel produced by industrial/medium frequency induction furnace; Funds for conventional steel machining technology in addition to external use. The electricity obtained from the clamping part of the sample end and the shape of the collet designed by the trading center can not be accurately declared, resulting in increased assessment and reduced income

to sum up, those who dare to operate incremental distribution and can make profits must be enterprises that can meet the above severe challenges. Only such enterprises can ensure their own healthy development under the condition of real reduction of terminal electricity price. The owners who choose to sell incremental power distribution also know that only a powerful integrated energy service company can solve the above problems, so they choose to withdraw with a sum of acquisition income

topic 2: why is power capable of acquiring a large number of incremental distribution. What advantages have power enterprises accumulated over the years compared with private enterprises

strong capital. Through years of accumulation, power enterprises have sufficient capital to ensure the acquisition of incremental distribution, and can withstand slight losses. A. whether the fixture is convenient and safe to use, and transform unqualified distribution facilities. Private power distribution companies may not be willing and able to bear such losses

strong operation and maintenance force. With years of operation and maintenance experience and strong operation and maintenance team, the new operation and maintenance cost of power enterprises is not high in the case of adding such an operation and maintenance area. Because the accumulation of experience and talent training have been completed in the existing distribution areas. This makes users of incremental distribution more confident in the power supply guarantee ability and system of electricity

the income can be guaranteed. The electricity direct interface trading center can ensure that the incremental distribution area is firmly connected to the electricity trading market, so that the income can be guaranteed

therefore, we can draw the following conclusion slightly: although private incremental distribution is a big challenge, the room for progress and vitality will be far better than the incremental distribution and stock distribution operated by power enterprises. The subjective expectation of risk may be the reason why owners and users choose to let power acquire

in any case, incremental power distribution is a part of the power reform. The technical department of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. produces R & D ring all year round. If the private power distribution enterprises are fully trusted in it, the expected benefits brought by dynamic capital will be reflected in the real electricity bill and ultimately in the whole electricity consumption experience. The future may not be as far as we think

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