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Fuya enterprise standard passed the expert review

Fuya enterprise standard passed the expert review

in 2002, a lot of research, development and utilization of non-metallic materials such as high-performance engineering plastics were carried out. On April 18,

Beijing Fuya company, which has been wrapped in the vortex center of coating standards, withdrew from the China Coating Industry Association and 1) set off a wave of delivery inspection. A few days ago, Fuya company formulated the interior wall coating enterprise standard in line with international coating standards, and passed the expert

review. Fuya is a coating enterprise that writes safety and health indicators into its own enterprise standards, and is sometimes called international rubber hardness. It is reported that the enterprise

standard has been filed with the Dongcheng District Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Beijing

compared with the national coating standards and the "Beijing Rules", fuyagong moves forward with its heart, and the coating enterprise standards of Yongai pouring company are more stringent

before the statement that Fuya enterprise standard was "hyped" sounded, liuhuaiyu, the chief engineer of the technical development committee of China Construction Industry Association, began to take precautions: as a user, safe and healthy ones are worth recommending, and speaking out is a good thing for consumers. Fuya made a good start for domestic coatings

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