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Jingong 2017 "you all the way" service line Fujian station

Jingong 2017 "you all the way" service line Fujian station

the new Pro Series has further improved the original wood plastic materials because of its excellent manufacturing technology

China Construction machinery information

on July 22, 2017, Jingong 2017 "you all the way" service line was officially launched in Jinjiang headquarters, Fujian Province. This activity will last for more than 30 days and travel 20000 kilometers. Nearly 800 service soldiers and more than 200 after-sales service vehicles will be dispatched across many provinces to deliver Jingong's high-quality services to users across the country

Jingong machinery in operation

Fujian is located on the southeast coast by mountains and rivers, across the sea from Taiwan. It is the starting point of the Silk Road in Shanghai and Zhenghe's voyage to the West. It is also the location of the headquarters of Jingong machinery. Jingong has a good customer base in Fujian, which is where the dream begins. The Fujian station of Jingong service bank was officially launched

1000 hour efficient operation

the first stop of the service line, Jin Gong service team came to a waste iron sheet treatment Park in Cang Town, Nan'an, Fujian Province. The user now has three jgm9085 wheel excavators of Jingong, which have been used for nearly 1000 hours so far, and their stability and efficiency are praised by users. The service personnel of Jingong carried out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment and guided the daily maintenance operation of the user's equipment on site

service personnel overhaul machines

service personnel communicate with users

this service walk visit has been greatly recognized by the user in China, which has surpassed North America, Japan and Western Europe. This requires us to give you a detailed technical answer. He said that the production scale of the factory still needs to be expanded, and Jin Gong equipment will continue to be purchased in the future

products and services let me choose Jingong

the second user I visited in Fujian is a ceramic material factory, and the 10 equipment purchased in the factory are Jingong brand equipment. Whether the equipment performance or after-sales service, Jingong makes users feel very satisfied, and has a high degree of brand recognition for Jingong

the service staff of Jingong checked the equipment

the choice after use comparison

is the same as the second enterprise visited. The third user of Fujian station of this service bank activity is also engaged in the business of ceramic raw materials. The price of copper foil of many devices owned by the user continued to rise, including both Jingong and other brands. However, after long-term use and comparison, Jingong equipment is more stable and efficient. The user said that it would be Jin Gong machinery to purchase equipment again in the future

the service personnel of Jingong are regularly overhauling the equipment and guiding the users to carry out daily maintenance in a timely manner. On the day of the event, the weather in Fujian was very hot, and the service personnel had to repair many equipment. It was already hot and sweaty, but they still repaired and explained patiently

Jin Gong service personnel inspect the equipment

the activity team should not only carry out routine on-site inspection of the equipment, but also have in-depth exchanges with users to understand the use status and feedback of the equipment, collect and record first-hand data on site, so as to provide strong support for future equipment improvement

routine on-site inspection

group photo of Jingong 2017 "you all the way" service line Fujian station

in the post market era of construction machinery, product quality is still the core, and users' demands for service are constantly enriched and strengthened. The 2017 "you all the way" service bank activity of Jingong will bring more good experiences to the majority of users and contribute to the building of the full life cycle value chain of equipment for Jingong. (this article is from Jingong)

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