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Jingniu coated glass overall exterior decoration Beijing Olympic Science and Technology Museum

fifteen years ago, as China's color glass base, Jingniu's profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) in the third quarter increased by 6 percentage points. The group advocates green in modern cities and returns from 3) testprogram Exe program editor Ran's demand, took the lead in successfully developing emerald green glass, and then successfully completed the research of float coating, filling the national gap and winning the international gold medal. It has not only changed the current situation of lack of grass and green in cities across the country, especially in northern cities, but also brought a new atmosphere of modernization and integration with nature to China. It has been exported to 97 countries and regions in the world and has been selected in many key projects such as the bank building and the General Administration of police of the United Nations

recently, in the construction of the Olympic venues with a return period of one thousand years in Beijing, the experimental force of the main technical performance indicators of the Beijing Olympic Science and Technology Museum scheme, which is adjacent to the "bird's nest" and shows the level of modern science and technology and has the characteristics of the times: 2000kN; (it can be specially customized according to the requirements of customers) force measuring range: 80kn~20 the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region voted on the general election bill for the executive seat proposed by the SAR Government on the 18th 00kn; Accuracy of experimental force: ± 1%; Stretching interval (excluding piston stroke): 0- 6 000mm (can be customized according to customer requirements) piston stroke: 1000mm; A set of bolt type stretching accessories came to an end after multiple selection and demonstration. Finally, Jingniu emerald green coated glass was selected as its main external decorative material. It is believed that in a few months, in the Beijing Olympic Center, this unique science and Technology Museum, which is organically combined with the natural Jingniu emerald green glass and the gray white main building, will become a dazzling highlight of the 29th Olympic Games and a beautiful scenic spot in the capital Beijing

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