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Jingxin technology has successfully developed a new generation of benzene free alcohol soluble ink

recently, this is due to the cooperation between Hunan Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Yeshi Ink Co., Ltd. when the gear pump is working, which has successfully developed a new generation of benzene free alcohol soluble ink. The advent of this kind of ink will greatly improve the international competitiveness of China's printing and food packaging industry

for a long time, the printing ink on the surface of packaging bags waiting for composite packaging in China is mainly benzene soluble gravure composite plastic film ink. Due to the release or residue of a large amount of toluene, it will cause certain potential harm to the environment, production and human health. Therefore, benzene free alcohol soluble composite plastic film inks are being researched and developed at home and abroad. However, due to the fact that the ink uses polyurethane or PVB resin as the main binder and ethanol as the main solvent, the cost is too high, the printing range is narrow, and the promotion and use are limited. The new generation of benzene free alcohol soluble environmental friendly ink is made of alcohol soluble nitrocellulose and other high-grade resins mixed with non-toxic pigments and anhydrous ethanol. It is mainly used in high-speed Bayer Material Technology on gravure machine. At present, it is cooperating with Bayer crop science company and Bayer healthcare company for printing. This product has the characteristics of benzene free, low cost, wide printing range, ideal printing effect and composite strength. It is a new environmental friendly fine chemical product with force value zero, which meets the international food packaging bag standard. It has a broad application prospect

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