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Jingshan light machinery and Bingxin paper successfully signed two high-end five layer corrugated board production lines

recently, Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with Bingxin Paper Co., Ltd. Bingxin Paper Co., Ltd. purchased two Jingshan light machinery jets five layer corrugated board production lines, which were put into the plant areas in Sichuan and Guangdong respectively, with a width of 2200mm and a design speed of more than 300 meters/minute

jets300 corrugated board production line is the fourth generation efficient and intelligent corrugated board production line of Jingshan light machinery. Even if it has achieved A-level performance, the design speed is 300 m/min. it is equipped with automatic centering of paper loading, hydraulic auxiliary winding and auxiliary centering, high-speed automatic paper receiving, open multi formula automatic control of glue volume, automatic paper guiding and other systems. The dry section does not stop changing orders and fully automatic stacking, which greatly reduces labor intensity and raw material consumption

Bingxin Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging company that focuses on providing customers with medium and high-end environmental friendly corrugated boxes, which is subordinate to Dingxin international group. Since the establishment of the first factory in Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in August 1998, the company has invested a total of more than US $90million to establish 16 production bases directly under it in Hangzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang, Wuhan, Xi'an, Xinjiang, Guangzhou, Huai'an, Zhengzhou, Harbin and other places. Its business scope covers the main regions of East China, central China, South China, southwest, northeast, northwest and so on, with an annual turnover of nearly RMB 2billion, It is one of the largest manufacturers of corrugated test pieces that can be molded or cut and polished through products in China

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