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Jingniu jade decorates the construction site of the WorldExpo in full swing

recently, Wang Baoxin, the director of the Sales Office of "Sanjing" in charge of our project engineering, heard news from Shanghai that Jingniu, as China's production, learning and research base, has successfully developed microcrystals and Jingniu jade, which are decorating the China Pavilion, Argentina Pavilion, Hebei and Xinjiang pavilions. At present, the construction of two walls in a reception area of Hebei pavilion has been completed, and Jingniu staff work overtime every day to guide and test on site

chairman Wang Changlin of the board of directors went to the Expo site to guide the work

the Expo is a fair to show the strength of countries in science and technology, economy, culture and other aspects. It will welcome guests from all over the world. In order to win glory for China's national industry with practical steps and cheer for the Chinese people, we must do our best and do our best in the project. Jingniu's staff, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the experimenters, the tested products and the experimental equipment, have the error of the steel frame structure. The preparation work on the survey and measurement is the unique feature of the experimental instrument. They are busy almost every day until more than 11 o'clock before they return to the hotel to rest tiredly. They have a casual breakfast in the morning and rush to the construction site

on the evening of March 11, in order to transmit the scene pictures to Jingniu weekly, director Wang Baoxin had not rested until 12 o'clock. When he was asked to turn on the computer transmission and give him a rest, he said, I can't break my teeth yet. I have to wait for them to return

hearing this sentence, I was moved beyond words. I immediately called liuhuabin, the director of Jingniu jade deep processing plant, who was working on the site, and greeted him. Factory director Liu heard a cheerful laugh in the room: "we're fine. It's our pride to use our Jingniu's exclusive and world first products in the Expo. It's also the pride of Hebei and even the Chinese people. It's nothing for us to work hard. We're excited in our hearts."

moving is still moving

I wish Jingniu's staff a triumphant return! I wish the Shanghai WorldExpo a success

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