The hottest Jingong appears at Shuitou stone Expo

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On November 8, 2014, the 15th China (Nan'an) Shuitou International Stone Expo was solemnly opened, advocating low-carbon, high-end and building a cultural stone capital. The stone Expo attracted more than 300 well-known stone mines, machinery Auxiliary material enterprises and exhibition visitors attended the opening ceremony and jointly witnessed another magnificent upgrade of the stone Expo and the cultural stone capital

the Aluminization rate of Jin aircraft is as high as 80%, and the industrial machinery with 18 tons and 26 tons of stone forklift loader makes a wonderful appearance in the stone machinery exhibition area, displaying the strength and professional exhibition hall, attracting a large number of merchants to stop and visit and negotiate. During the exhibition, the special line for visiting Jin industrial factory is half an hour, so it also greatly reduces the cost expenditure, and receives a number of guests to visit the factory every day

Jingong attaches importance to the service to the stone industry and is committed to creating more energy-saving and efficient mechanical products for users and creating greater value. After years of technical improvement and continuous innovation from a certain point of view, and the application in different countries and different working conditions, the forklift technology of Jingong machinery has become more mature. It has not only successfully drafted the forklift standard, but also received extensive praise. At present, Jingong is playing a great potential and value in more subdivisions of construction machinery represented by fork loaders

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