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Mengniu Group issued the bidding document for the 2019 Taiyuan Normal Temperature factory pet carton project

Mengniu Group's 2019 Taiyuan Normal Temperature factory pet carton project was open for bidding, in which the purchase volume of cartons and cartons were m/year and M/year respectively, and the registration was closed at 17:00 on May 31

Mengniu Group 2019 Taiyuan carton and carton bidding

the purchase volume is m/year and M/year respectively

Mengniu Group 2019 Taiyuan Normal Temperature factory pet carton project will conduct open competitive negotiations. Bidders who meet the qualification conditions are welcome to participate

I. project number:


II. Project name:

Mengniu Group 2019 Taiyuan Normal Temperature factory pet project carton open competitive negotiation project

III. Project Overview and bidding scope:

IV. package division and estimated procurement volume:

v. bidding requirements:

1. It must be registered by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and has independent legal personality and independent civil capacity, It is not in the state of being ordered to suspend business, property being taken over, frozen or bankrupt

2. It must be registered within the territory of the people's Republic of China with independent legal personality and a registered capital of 10million yuan (foreign currency is calculated according to the exchange rate at the time of registration) or more, subject to the enterprise business license

3. The date of establishment of the company is three years or more and the operation is stable. The business license of the enterprise shall prevail (if it is a wholly-owned subsidiary bidding independently, the time of establishment of the head office may prevail)

4. Production qualification requirements: it must be a direct production enterprise, and the agent will not accept the bid. It is required that the factory must pass ISO9001 certification and be within the period of validity, and the factory must pass the environmental assessment acceptance and comply with other relevant provisions of environmental protection

5. Experience in cooperation with food enterprises is required

6. Good business reputation, no illegal records and major legal disputes in business activities in the past three years (based on the national enterprise credit information publicity system http://www. The second oil tank is also equipped with an oil filter for filtering hydraulic oil)

7. Equipment requirements:

(1) gift box:

must have more than four colors (including four colors) Heidelberg, gaobao, Roland, Komori, Mitsubishi or Akiyama and other imported printing equipment and corresponding die-cutting, film coating and bonding molding equipment

(2) five layer watermark carton:

it must have a cardboard production line with more than five layers (including five layers), a watermark printer with more than four colors (including four colors) and corresponding die cutting and bonding equipment

8. Production capacity requirements:

the production capacity should meet all the demands of the invested packages

9. The farthest transportation distance between the supplier and the bidding unit shall not exceed the transportation distance limit of 400 kilometers (subject to the registered address of the business license, and the floating range shall not exceed 10%)

10. The enterprise has not suffered continuous losses in the past three years (subject to the financial reports of the past three years. If fraud is found in the later verification process, the bid winning result will be cancelled and directly entered into the blacklist of Mengniu suppliers)

11. 9 in recent three years GH m 0250 m D60 1a01 represents GH series, m18x1.5 thread, 250mm stroke metric, D60 plug, 4 ⑵ 0ma, and the supporting materials for the output of food enterprises (purchase and sales contracts are required)

12. Provide environmental assessment report or acceptance report with qualified conclusion of environmental assessment acceptance (the old plants before 1999 may not have environmental assessment, environmental assessment acceptance, etc., but must have wastewater, waste gas and other pollution discharge permit)

VI. other requirements:

1. Units under one of the following circumstances cannot register for competitive negotiation:

(1) consortium bidding is not accepted for this project

(2) the registered company has a record of serious violations or breaches of contract in the past three years, or has been included in the blacklist of suppliers of Mengniu Group

(3) if the same legal representative of two or more units or one of the companies is the single largest shareholder of the other company, it cannot participate in the bidding of the same package in this project at the same time. Once found, it will be treated as a cross reference

(4) it has been made clear by letter that it is not allowed to participate in this competitive negotiation

2. All bidders who have passed the prequalification, including new bidders and those who have cooperation contracts with Mengniu company, but have not supplied goods (except for suppliers who have normally supplied goods), need to conduct on-site evaluation, and the evaluation score shall not be less than 75 points

3. If the on-site review is not passed, you cannot participate in this open competition

4. Instructions for registration:

(1) registration details

(2) provide business license (copy)

(3) provide organization code certificate (copy)

(4) provide the tax registration certificate (copy) (Note: if the three certificates are combined, only the copy of the business license is provided)

(5) provide printing business license and commodity bar code printing qualification certificate

(6) provide ISO9001 quality system certification and it is within the period of validity

(7) provide the EIA report or acceptance report with the qualified conclusion of EIA acceptance (the old plants before 1999 can have no EIA, EIA acceptance, etc., but must have the sewage discharge permit such as wastewater and waste gas)

(8) power of attorney of legal representative

(9) provide a list of equipment (items include but are not limited to equipment name, equipment brand, equipment model, equipment manufacturing date, equipment purchase date, equipment quantity, and equipment capacity, which have worked in packaging production enterprises such as rock tennco. and pactivcorp.)

(10) financial reports in recent three years

(11) performance of similar projects in recent three years (purchase and sales contracts for cooperation with food enterprises are required)

the scanned copy of the original of the above information must be provided when signing up, and the scanned copy of the original should be sent to wangchunhong1@; If there is any false information in the qualification performance documents provided, once it is found, it will be disqualified from bidding

5. Those requiring official seal and seal (the seal of the person in charge belongs to the signature) must be the official seal of the unit. The special seal for contract, bidding and sales shall be deemed invalid

all bidders who meet the above conditions can participate in the bidding. All bidders are requested to send the above qualification documents to the registration contact person before 17:00 on May 31, 2019 as registration and prequalification materials. Failure to provide them on time or incomplete information will be deemed as invalid registration

VII. Registration time:

from 9:00 on May 27, 2019 to 17:00 on May 31, 2019

VIII. Acquisition time and description of bidding documents:

1. Prequalification time:

June 3, 2019 to June 4, 2019 (tentative)

2. On site review time:

June 5, 2019 to June 6, 2019 (tentative)

3. Sale of bidding documents:

from June 10, 2019 to before 17:00 on June 29, 2018 (tentative), no sale will be made after the expiration (except legal holidays)

price of bidding documents:

500/package, non refundable after sales

4. Note: the currency of the bidding quotation of this project is RMB

5. The tender documents shall be sealed and delivered at the bidding meeting

6. The deadline for bidding is the same as that of bid opening

IX. time of bid opening:

9:30 a.m. on July 2, 2019 (tentative)

X. place of bid opening:

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (the specific place shall be subject to the place agreed in the bidding documents)

Xi. Bidding unit and contact information:

bidding unit: Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Group (stock) Co., Ltd. procurement management department, packaging and procurement department

business consulting contact: Wang Chunhong


contact address: Mengniu phase III procurement management department, Shengle economic Park, Helingeer County, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia

XII Supervision unit and contact information:

supervision unit:

bidding Management Department of Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Group (Co., Ltd.)

Supervisor: Liu Tengfei

contact information: factors of wear testing machine controlled by single chip microcomputer 03

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