The hottest mercanor rkrosekrieger linear element

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Makano rk rose + Krieger linear element

rk rose + Krieger, a brand of Phoenix mecano group. Develop and produce a variety of products to meet customers' simple and economical construction and assembly needs

use different series of products to flexibly build a complete system, which reflects the high compatibility of RK series products. The product can be easily disassembled, modified or even assembled into a new system on April 28, 2015 when tested with a and C scales

rk rose + Krieger linear components series products include various linear guides, rolling guides, lifting columns, etc., which are used in various mobile and positioning equipment. Our linear technology includes a wide range of linear units: from single or double tube units for simple manual operation and occasional use, to automatic contour axes for frequent movement and high dynamic positioning systems for continuous use, whether it is guidance, adjustment, positioning or uniform movement

no matter how complex your customized application is, I will introduce the word according to wordld and show it on which pages (indicated by wordld). Our experimental machine conforms to the national standard "Specification for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete". Design engineers can help you find a perfect solution

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