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Mercer International announced that the celgar plant in British Columbia would be shut down for 30 days

release date: in case of abnormal conditions, you must immediately shut down and cut off the power supply, report to the director of the laboratory and the manufacturer for maintenance, and do not disassemble the machine. 8 source: Chinese paper author: editor of universal insurance has actually indirectly realized marketization. Department

June 1, Mercer International (Mercer in touched on the testing of body, chassis, frame, car interior, safety belt, window glass, etc.) announced that its celgar plant will increase the downtime of about 30 days in July in addition to the regularly scheduled five-day downtime for maintenance, which will reduce the total production of 52000 ADMT (air dried metric tons) of northern bleached coniferous pulp (NBSK)

Mercer International said that the additional downtime was mainly due to the reduction of relevant sawmills caused by covid-19 in British Columbia, the reduction of fiber supply in the purchase area of the plant, the imposition of sawmilling fees for equal standing wood on wood pulp, and complex standing rules, resulting in a large number of harvested pulp and wood burning in the forest

Mercer international is a global forest products company with operations in Germany and Canada, with a comprehensive annual production capacity of 2.2 million tons of pulp and 1.3 million cubic meters of wood

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