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Mengniu No. 1 factory plans to purchase a batch of packaging boxes to discuss the practical significance of this topic. Can you do it

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core tip: the rental Library of Mengniu Jiaozuo factory expires in September and will not be renewed. The equipment in the library needs to be moved to the factory for storage. In order to ensure the integrity of the equipment in the storage process, we need to purchase a batch of packaging boxes to package the equipment without losing the cooperation parts of scientists from the Department of spare parts and the US Air Force Research Laboratory

the Jiaozuo factory of the normal temperature Business Department of Mengniu Dairy (Jiaozuo) Co., Ltd. conducts public price inquiry and comparison on the packaging box procurement project. Qualified suppliers are welcome to participate

project overview:

the rental warehouse of Jiaozuo factory expires in September and will not be renewed. The equipment in the warehouse needs to be moved to the factory for storage. In order to ensure the integrity of the equipment during storage and not lose parts, a batch of packaging boxes need to be purchased to package the equipment

qualification requirements:

1. The bidder must be registered in the territory of the people's Republic of China, have independent legal personality, and have the business license and account opening license of an independent legal person issued by the administrative department for Industry and commerce, and provide the certificate of the legal representative, the power of attorney of the legal representative, the performance in recent three years (subject to the contract provided), and the registered capital ≥ 2million yuan. (all the above requirements must be provided with copies stamped with the official seal of the unit. If one of them fails to meet the requirements, it cannot pass the qualification examination.)

2. There have been no violations of laws and regulations in the past three years, and they have not been ordered to suspend business or go bankrupt, and their assets have not been restructured, taken over and frozen

3. The legal representative or investor of the unit is the same person, or different units with holding, investment and management relationships are not allowed to participate in this price comparison project at the same time

4. The price comparison does not accept the joint quotation of multiple units, and subcontracting or subcontracting is not allowed

project schedule and requirements:

1. Registration time: from 9:00 on October 9, 2019 to 17:00 on October 12, 2019

2. Pre qualification and issuing time of inquiry sheet: the inquiry sheet will be sold from October 15 to October 17, 2019 after passing the pre qualification

3. Negotiation time: 16:00 on October 22, 2019

4. The price comparison documents shall be sent according to our requirements

registration instructions

first of all, register as a potential supplier:

potential bidders who meet the qualification conditions, please register as our potential supplier on the supply chain relationship management platform of Mengniu Group, otherwise it may affect subsequent cooperation or related fee transactions. Registration address: if you have any objection to registration, please call the platform service or contact the registration contact

this item can be ignored if you have registered and have the relevant code or master data of Mengniu Group

secondly, provide registration qualification documents:

the composition and sequence of registration qualification documents shall be provided according to the following requirements:

1. Valid business license (copy)

2. Original of legal representative certificate or power of attorney

note: if the legal representative registers, please attach the legal representative's identity certificate; If the client is authorized to sign up, please attach the identity certificate of the legal representative and the power of attorney; (see the following table for the template)

3, account opening license

4, legal tax payment proof materials and social security payment proof materials for any three months in the latest year

5. Qualification to issue 13% VAT invoice

6. Performance of similar projects in recent three years

the above certificates and supporting materials shall be the scanned copies of the original with official seals, and shall be submitted to liuyang17@ e-mail for review according to the above "composition and order" in a PDF format. The negotiation documents can be purchased only after passing the review

the format of email file name "XX company signs up for Jiaozuo factory packing case procurement project"

the PDF file name is the same as the email file name, and the PDF file size is not allowed to exceed 10m within ± 0.1% of the set value

the format of the attached table shall be sent in strict accordance with the requirements of the template. Failure to register as required shall be deemed as failure to register

place of negotiation: conference room 1 of Mengniu Dairy (Jiaozuo) Co., Ltd.

implementation party and contact information of procurement bidding:

contact person for business consultation: Liu Yang

contact information:

accessories of acoustic wood-based panel universal testing machine:

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