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Merchants must undertake the recycling of commodity packaging

composite packaging, glass bottles containing soy sauce and vinegar, etc. because they cannot be sold as waste products, they can only be thrown into the garbage can. This not only affects the environment, but also causes a waste of resources. At the third green packaging forum held last weekend, relevant people revealed that in view of the low recycling rate of packaging, the management measures for the recycling of packaging materials (hereinafter referred to as the measures) formulated by relevant departments will be issued before the end of the year. The "measures" stipulates that manufacturers, sellers and other enterprises that fail to meet the requirements in the recycling process of packaging materials may have their business licenses revoked

packaging is the wedding dress of products, but after the products are sold and used up, most of the packaging is discarded because there is no recycling channel. Although the recovery rate of cartons and beverage bottles has reached more than 90%, most DSM has expertise in the field of life science and material science. The recovery rate of sub packaging is low, with an overall recovery rate of less than 20%, while the recovery rate of packaging in EU member states can reach 65%. According to statistics, packaging waste in large and medium-sized cities in China accounts for 1/2 of the total volume of municipal solid waste. Because there is no recycling channel, these packaging waste will be destroyed in landfills

in order to promote the recycling of packaging materials, the measures will be implemented in conjunction with the circular economy promotion law, which was officially implemented on January 1 next year, when the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry continues to increase. It focuses on the division of labor between packaging material using enterprises (i.e. product production enterprises) and Utilization Enterprises (retail enterprises) in the process of packaging material recycling. The measures put forward that the enterprises using packaging materials have recycled packaging materials or entrust qualified enterprises to recycle packaging materials, and the enterprises using packaging materials should be responsible for cleaner production, environmental protection, etc. In addition, the government will support enterprises in recycling packaging materials from the aspects of Taxation, logistics and transportation, and encourage the implementation of the packaging deposit return system

it is understood that at present, the recycling of cartons and beverage bottles in China is mainly carried out by professional recycling companies, while the recycling of beer bottles is carried out by means of deposits at retail outlets. The deposit for each beer bottle is 0.5 yuan, which will be returned after the bottle is returned. In a Yanjing beer sales point in Tongzhou, the salesperson said that the recycling rate of bottles of beer sold in the store was about 98%

in addition to the above types of marketable packaging, most of the packaging is directly thrown into the garbage can. For paper, glass, metal and other forcibly recycled packaging materials, enterprises will be punished if the recovery rate fails to meet the corresponding standards. Dong Jinshi, vice president and Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, said that the national development and Reform Commission and the Environmental Protection Bureau will set a threshold for enterprises in the recycling of packaging materials by leaving holes for anchoring anchor screws and installing circuits and sensors when pouring concrete

however, the specific recovery standards and punishment are not clearly stipulated in the measures. Yu duyuan, senior engineer of the technical center of China National Packaging Corporation who participated in the drafting of the measures, table 1. Jinan gold testing equipment is an experimental testing equipment. The specific recovery rate implementation standards and punishment intensity should be formulated by the environmental protection department according to local conditions

at present, some large retail enterprises have begun to recycle packaging materials. China Resources Wanjia hypermarket launched the activity of changing moon cake boxes into eco-friendly bags during the Mid Autumn Festival this year. According to the staff, residents kept carrying moon cake boxes to exchange during the activity. In addition, Wal Mart's U.S. headquarters launched a number of green packaging initiatives, including increasing the recycling of packaging materials by 10% and energy conservation by 5%. According to the relevant person in charge of Wal Mart, these sustainable development plans of the headquarters will be gradually implemented in domestic energy conservation work

packaging recycling can not only solve the problem of garbage disposal, but also bring direct economic benefits. Yu duyuan said that the recycling price of Tetra Pak is 1200 yuan/ton, but the paper output rate after recycling can reach more than 50%. This kind of paper is better than the paper produced from ordinary waste, and the price can reach 6000 yuan/ton. At the same time, Tetra Pak waste can also extract aluminum foil and plastic

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