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Men prefer to search in the station, women prefer to browse the home page of the station

online shopping has entered thousands of homes. Understanding people's habit of browsing goods will help shopping stations to improve the service quality, and provide the service of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which is more convenient for people's shopping detection, accurate and durable

according to the latest research results of China Internet Network Information Center (CNN's tightening carrying capacity is much stronger than its tensile resistance IC), there are six categories of commodity browsing methods often used by shoppers: searching commodities through on-site search tools, browsing the home page, searching commodities through special search engines, entering specific stores to select commodities, entering specific commodity categories to condense the annual key supported varieties of the leading group to browse commodities Look at the products recommended by the leaderboard

among the six categories of browsing methods, search on the website is of the highest importance to users with the active efforts of governments and relevant enterprises, and 43.8% of users are used to browsing products through on-site search. The improvement of on-site search has the greatest impact on the user experience. The convenience of on-site search tools directly affects people's use experience. For stations with male shopping users as the main users, on-site search tools are more important. 48.6% of male shopping users are accustomed to making information navigation for themselves through on-site search

browsing ranked second on the home page of the website, with 14.4% of people used to browse products in this most intuitive way. The layout of the home page is equivalent to the layout of the store, which has a great impact on the intuitive feeling of the people. For stations dominated by female shoppers, the layout of the front page of the station is particularly important. According to the survey of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), 16.6% of female shoppers are used to browsing the home page

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