Perkins appoints new vice president of sales and m

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Perkins (Perkins) appoints new vice president of sales and marketing

Perkins (Perkins) appoints new vice president of sales and marketing

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Perkins (Perkins) Engine Co., Ltd. announced the appointment of Chris Snodgrass as vice president of global sales and marketing services, and DSM can provide customers with materials for testing and after-sales parts worldwide

Xin Keli will be responsible for expanding global engine sales, parts business and customer relations, and will be the first vice president of Perkins to have offices in San Antonio (Texas), Peterborough, UK and Shanghai, China

Perkins (Perkins) appointed a new vice president of sales and marketing

Ramin younessi, President of Perkins, said: "it is our philosophy to always put customers first. As a global enterprise, our customers are all over the world and can print their graphics. It is our mission to serve the world. Chris and the front-line team led by him serve our OEM closely Taking customers as our own responsibility, we believe that it will enable us to manage these customer relationships more effectively, share our expertise more closely with customers and support them to grow their business rapidly. "

Xin Keli will be in charge of all Perkins' business activities related to engine sales, including products sold directly to customers and distributed through Perkins' global agent network. Chris will also lead the after-sales service and parts team, so as to continue to strive to maintain Perkins' service and product support at an excellent level at all times to ensure that customers can get a good experience

chris made a speech after accepting the appointment and said, "I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to lead a team that truly focuses on serving global customers. In recent years, thanks to the efforts of this team, the sales of our engines and after-sales parts have increased significantly, creating a solid foundation for us, which will help us better grasp new opportunities."

"our recent performance growth is not easy. It all depends on the management's huge investment in Perkins brand, as well as our products, personnel and facilities. The feedback we get from customers in various markets of construction machinery, equipment leasing, agricultural, material handling and power generation equipment is very positive: these investments can indeed bring significant value-added to their business."

since its inception more than 80 years ago, Perkins has always insisted on providing customers with the best quality products and services. In order to continue to grow on this basis, Chris specially adjusted the organizational structure of the sales and marketing team and added four new positions

Jasbir Gill has agreed to serve as the director of customer direct sales business of universal OEMs; The position will include expanding Perkins' variable speed engine direct sales business

david Nicoll was appointed director of global marketing and dealer business; In addition to being responsible for the global marketing business of Perkins engines, we will also focus on expanding Perkins' agent network

doug mihelick will be the director of global service and customer support; Be responsible for ensuring that Perkins can provide the highest level of service and customer support, so that the process of providing services in each market segment covered by the entire product lineup is unified and orderly

bill Giunta will be the sales business process manager. This new position will focus on helping its customers and agents continuously improve their business processes

in addition, the following team members will continue to be in charge of the sales and agent business in each region. The license of 3D sprint 2.5 will be bundled with each supported new printer and will report directly to Chris:

Andy Zuckerman, director of sales and distribution in the Americas

Daniel Bentley, director of sales and distribution in the Asia Pacific

Trevor toulson, Michael Wright, director of sales and distribution in Europe, Africa, Middle East and CIS, After sales parts director

chris added: "We will continue to invest in strengthening Perkins' agent and distributor channels and global customer support network. Specific measures include: developing new products that can meet customers' needs; building engine manufacturing facilities close to the main engine plant; expanding the coverage of the global service network to ensure that customers can quickly obtain Perkins' original and pure parts supply. The plans and changes we announced today will further consolidate Perkins' brand positioning from And ensure our future performance to a higher level. "

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