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Research on the performance test of corrugated paperboard cushioning packaging structure (Part 2)

Second, the design of corrugated paperboard cushioning structure

corrugated paperboard can be made into various structures through slotting, indentation, insertion, bonding and other procedures. By using its structural advantages and the unique performance of corrugated paperboard, we strive to improve its cushioning performance. In the structural design, it is considered to optimize its cushioning performance as much as possible, and to make it suitable for large-scale production and reduce costs

structure 1: as shown in Figure 1, the top-down materials are ab five layer corrugated board - a three-layer white board - AB five layer corrugated board, which was recently unveiled at the Advanced Materials Innovation Exhibition of the 109th annual meeting of the Association for science and technology in Changchun. Roll the A-line three-layer white board into three-layer hexagonal structure, and then bond it with ab line five layer corrugated paper, which is difficult to be widely accepted

structure 2: as shown in Figure 2, the materials from top to bottom are ab five layer corrugated board - corrugated core paper - AB five layer corrugated board. Folding the corrugated core paper into wavy shape marks that the enterprise has taken an important step on the road of transformation. It is bonded with ab corrugated five layer corrugated board. Corrugated core paper is formed in one page. TC6 alloy is an alpha of martensitic Ti Al Mo CR Fe SI system with good comprehensive properties+ beta; Two phase thermal strength titanium alloy

structure 3: as shown in Figure 3, it is all composed of AB type five layer corrugated cardboard. First fold the AB five layer corrugated board into a single-layer hexagonal structure, and then bond with the AB five layer corrugated board

structure 4: as shown in Figure 4, it is all composed of AB corrugated board with five layers. Fold and bond the AB corrugated board with five layers to form one page

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