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Persistence and breakthrough in publication printing in the Internet era

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core tip: in recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology, the newspaper and periodical market has been shrinking, and the graphic book market has been growing steadily; In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology, the newspaper and periodical market has been shrinking and the book market has been growing steadily; The publishing market presents a high-quality development trend, the printing capacity of book and magazine printing enterprises continues to improve, the sales revenue has increased, but the profit has decreased; In addition, it is difficult for enterprises to recruit and retain technicians, especially the lack of compound talents; Public health emergencies exacerbate employment conflicts, affect the supply chain, make digital construction more urgent, and the development of the industrial chain needs a healthy balance - in terms of publication printing, the end of the 13th five year plan faces a severe test

development status

according to the data provided by the compilation of China Publishing statistics, by the end of 2018, there were 585 publishing houses (including 24 sub brand publishing houses) in China. Among them, there are 219 central level publishing houses (including 13 sub brand publishing houses); There are 366 local publishing houses (including 11 sub brand publishing houses). In 2018, 10.009 billion books (sheets) were published, an increase of 8.28% year-on-year; 2.292 billion periodicals; 33.726 billion newspapers, a year-on-year decline. China published 193.718 billion copies of books, periodicals and newspapers, a year-on-year decrease of 4.14%

in 2018, there were 8923 national publication printing enterprises (including special printing), with a year-on-year increase of 1.94%; The average number of employees at the end of the year was 429800, a year-on-year decrease of 4.85%; The output of black-and-white printing of books, newspapers, periodicals and other printed materials was 277.6033 million reams, and the output of color printing was 116.38794 million split color reams, which were basically flat year-on-year; The binding output was 333.5792 million reams, an increase of 4.66% year-on-year; The amount of printing paper (including lithographic paper and web paper) was 559.5123 million reams, basically unchanged year-on-year

as of April 30, 2020, 20 listed companies with traditional publishing as their main business have maintained a good trend of high-quality development. See Table 3 for their asset scale, revenue, profit, or purchase of maintenance boxes. Among them, there were 10 enterprises with total assets of more than 10 billion yuan in 2019, and Phoenix media, Chinese media and Zhongnan media continued to form the "20billion yuan camp"

the development and changes of the publishing market in recent years have presented four main characteristics of the power switch of opening the measurement and control box: 1 The variety of book market increases; 2. The variety of new books is reduced; 3. The variety of reprinted books has increased; 4. The variety of rental books has increased. This is closely related to the government's efforts to improve the quality of books and topics. At present, the development characteristics of the publishing market, coupled with the current situation in the field of publication printing, such as the continuous decline of periodical and newspaper printing, the continuous reduction of printing and reproduction practitioners, the growth of operating revenue but the decline of total profits, and the unbalanced development of the industrial chain, force industry enterprises to further go manual, improve the degree of mechanization, so as to reduce manual operation costs and management costs, and speed up the construction process of digital printing

breakthrough ideas

in terms of publication printing, the existing problems mainly include the following aspects: weak foresight, unable to see the market changes, enterprises are afraid to invest in equipment, the application of new technologies lags behind, the level of digitization is low, the ability of product innovation is not strong, and the share of publication printing market in the overall printing market shrinks; The training mode of professional talents is backward, which urgently needs reconstruction and transformation, the lack of compound talents, and the shortage of multi-disciplinary gathering teams; In terms of digital publishing, there are some problems, such as incomplete standards and regulations, difficult compatibility and sharing, insufficient protection of digital copyright, and difficult elimination of piracy; From the perspective of key technologies, common technologies have problems that need to be solved urgently, such as high threshold, huge capital demand, fuzzy expected income, poor platform technology compatibility, low integration of data flow, control flow and management flow, low automation and intelligence of management and control technology, different standards and difficult compatibility, many key technology bottlenecks, difficult transformation and breakthrough, and few problem-solving methods

for the remaining problems, people in the industry need to think about changing ideas and breaking through the bottleneck of development

in the fission development of digital networking technology in the past 10 years, the ecological environment of the printing industry has changed dramatically, the audience of books and newspapers has shrunk, the market demand is diverse, the operating revenue has increased, the total profit has decreased, and the business and economic environment is difficult. A new pattern is presented, which is to survive through "digital", seek development through media integration and transformation, expand value-added services, and seize the opportunity after measuring the ionic current. Facing media integration, using the advantages of paper media to serve emerging media, focusing on key projects to highlight their own advanced technology, we can find the goals and Countermeasures to support future content construction

collaborative innovation of government, industry, University and research, through major project planning and major engineering construction, improve the level of industrial intensification, accelerate technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation, encourage "small and micro enterprises" to transform and upgrade to "high-quality" enterprises, guide the transformation and development of the printing industry, improve the market supervision mechanism, solve the problems of failing to meet user needs and non-standard development in media integration, and achieve content quality Both product form and enterprise income are good

printing enterprises should actively strive for the financial support of governments at all levels for the development of cultural and creative industries and digital publishing industries, as well as the investment in key digital publishing projects, green printing projects, digital printing projects, "small and micro" printing enterprise support projects, creative design printing support projects and other projects, and make good use of the special funds for the development of cultural industries, publicity and cultural development of governments at all levels The service industry development guidance funds, scientific and technological innovation funds and special funds for modern information service industry should lead or participate in the digital publishing public service platform, backbone project construction and technology upgrading, as well as the R & D and application of independent innovation technology, which are mainly supported by the government special funds

with the help of the mobile Internet platform, establish the business mode, production control mode and quality control mode combining online and offline, and realize the collaborative operation of content editing, work printing and intelligent distribution through the mobile Internet platform, so as to complete online and offline green printing, realize interactive operation, group purchase customization, reduce product costs and energy conservation and emission reduction, and derive the production and services of various digital media products and cultural and creative products, Realize the new growth point of printing enterprises

general mobilization of the industry

the sudden COVID-19 has brought many difficulties to the development of the printing industry. Different regions have different product structures and different difficulties. As for publication printing, the relatively concentrated problems are: shortage of raw materials, poor logistics, employees unable to arrive at their posts, and insufficient cash flow. In the face of difficulties, publication printing enterprises actively respond to them, focusing on prevention and control on the one hand and production on the other, innovating mechanisms and trying to save themselves, such as trying every means to get through the supply chain, sending special cars to pick up healthy employees back to the factory, reassigning positions according to employees on duty, etc. Under the pressure, the enterprise assisted the epidemic prevention and control with its own actions, and completed the urgent printing tasks of anti epidemic propaganda materials, party newspapers and periodicals, spring teaching materials and teaching aids. At the same time, enterprises also strive to improve their ability to respond to public health emergencies. Specifically, efforts should be made in the following aspects: improve risk awareness, establish a diversified product market structure, and avoid being trapped in a single market risk; Pay attention to ensuring the safety of cash flow, and it is best to reserve working capital for more than 3 months; Save unnecessary waste and control costs; Accelerate the layout of equipment to replace people, and minimize the dependence of posts on people; Accelerate the upgrading and transformation of enterprises to achieve green, digital, intelligent, integrated, and so on

2020 is the year of decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and realizing the end of the 13th five year plan. In the "Notice of the national publishing administration on doing a good job in the management of printing, reproduction and distribution in 2020", Special emphasis was placed on "implementing the new development concept, promoting the high-quality development of the printing reproduction and distribution industry", "promoting the green, digital, intelligent and integrated development of the printing industry, and improving the specialization, intensification, standardization and informatization level of the distribution industry". The book and periodical printing professional committee of China printing and equipment industry association will also continue to strengthen the promotion of advanced technology and management concepts, such as helping enterprises minimize their dependence on people and improve labor efficiency, product processing quality and stability by promoting post press automation; Through the promotion of testing to help enterprises reduce the quality problems caused by repeated work and ultra-high intensity physical labor

with the improvement of social material living standards, paper reading will rebound, which is an inevitable phenomenon of the mature development of society, and it is also the deep meaning of the "national reading" that the country has always emphasized - therefore, publication printing has its reasons to adhere to. Under difficulties and pressure, from enterprises to associations and government departments, the whole industry has mobilized to improve technology and management level - this is the practice of breakthrough in publication printing

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